靈氣 戯笑
reiki gishô / Reiki Laughter is a gathering of Reiki Masters and students. Over the years I have worked with Reiki students who have become friends and friends that have become Reiki students. We have chosen to work together; learning from each other, our clients and The Reiki Energy.

I finally was convinced that it would be easier to connect with students over the internet. I asked advice from friends that were more experienced with using the computer. One said I could do an e-book on my own Web page. Another suggested using photos, a professional one of me. I'm not quite ready for that yet, but I have found an image that resonates for me. When I "see" Reiki it is the feel of water falling in beautiful shades of bright whites flowing with sparkling blues.


If in doubt, suggest your client to be checked by their doctor – especially in the case when there are chronic conditions or your intuition suggest there may be a problem that your client is unaware of, unless you are medically qualified, do not diagnose, leave that to the experts.

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